how do i join?


Membership is essential in the life of our church.

Members are professing Christians who, in obedience to Scripture, have been baptized by immersion and commit to the teaching, mission, and family of Bay Area. Our members faithfully attend, serve, lead, follow, and give – all for the fame of Jesus and advancement of His kingdom. While any and everyone is invited to attend our services, members are those who have committed themselves to be “all in” as we work to fulfill our mission to glorify God by making disciples, equipping families, and serving the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

path to membership

Become a Bay Area member by completing the following steps:
  1. Join us in worship on Sunday mornings.

  2. Attend our Discover Bay Area class.
    The Discover Bay Area class is taught by a team of members led by our Connections Pastor, John Eckeberger, every Sunday at 9:30am in C100. The room is located on the first floor next to the coffee bar in the Atrium. If you are new to Bay Area and interested in learning more about our mission and purpose, the Discover Bay Area class is the quickest avenue to do so. This class also serves as the first step toward pursuing church membership at Bay Area.

  3. Attend our Next Steps to Membership class.
    The Next Steps to Membership Class is taught by a team of members led by our Connections Pastor, John Eckeberger, every Sunday at 11:00am, also in C100. This class provides an opportunity for those interested in church membership to learn more about our essential beliefs and the meaning and value of church membership.

  4. Follow up meeting.
    Following the Next Steps to Membership Class, anyone wishing to pursue membership can schedule a private, follow-up meeting with our Connections Pastor, John Eckeberger, in order to ask additional questions about membership. This private meeting outside the classroom setting allows for questions or concerns of a personal nature to be discussed.

For more on baptism, please visit our baptism page.