What is a gocard?

Hundreds of thousands of people who need to hear about Jesus live right here in the 4B area. Our goal is for each and every follower of Christ to be equipped and empowered to go bring the gospel to our circles of influence. GOcards provide simple tools and strategies to build bridges to our circles and foster intentional gospel conversations.





Ask them questions about what they believe, not to trap them, but to understand them and break down any relational barriers that are keeping them from considering Jesus. Admire everything you can about what they believe in order to help people open up. Don’t affirm their heresy but their honesty. Find areas of common ground you can compliment them on. Admit that the reason you are a Christian is that you know you’ve fallen short and need someone to rescue you. That someone is Jesus.
As you ask honest questions, admire what you can about what others believe and admit your own need for Jesus, their guard will drop and you can begin to engage them in a real conversation about Jesus and the good news of the gospel!




4th of July