worship ministry

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Our church has been on a journey – to discover more about our great God and what it means to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. As we have had our spiritual eyes opened it has caused us to worship Him more – in every way. Our corporate worship times is one of the ways this growth has been especially obvious.

On Sunday morning, Feb 21, 2016, we designed the services to have a worship emphasis. The goal was simply to worship God the best we knew how, to enjoy His presence and just linger in His presence a little longer than we usually do during a typical worship set.

We decided to record the audio from that morning, and just see if any part of it was useable to deliver to our congregation later. Because we knew how encouraging it is to hear our people lift their voice and “belt” the praises of God – we emphasized trying to capture the “voice of the church” that morning.

Turns out – both went really well!

The worship time that morning was powerful, sweet, and most of all God-honoring. Mission accomplished. As a bonus, we got some really good audio, that we knew would be useable – especially the voices of our congregation singing!

We spent a few months finding time to edit the recordings and were able to produce our church’s first “LIVE” worship project. It has 6 songs that our church has been singing recently. It will be available in hard copy and through digital distributors like iTunes, amazon, spotify, etc.

I’m so thankful for the gift of knowing God, worshipping Him and a church body who is like-minded in that. I believe this project will be a big encouragement to anyone, but especially to our own church body.

statement of vision

our goal as a worship ministry is to "value the presence of God above all else and to develop highly influential worship leaders."  

We see the platform as a place to influence people to encounter God rather than a stage on which to perform. Performance to glorify God is a valuable expression of worship to inspire people with powerful truths and revelations of God in a way they may not be able to express for themselves. In our corporate worship settings, we desire to influence people to connect with God and express their own worship to him in a biblical manner that edifies the church. We are committed to valuing the presence of God before any other value in worship and to placing anointed worship leaders before the church to lead worship. Our heart as a church is to “make disciples, equip families and serve the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” This vision is only possible to live out as we encounter God and allow him to fill us with everything we need through the Holy Spirit.

platform ministry

pre-requisites to serve in this ministry:
  • Growing personal relationship with God and commitment to serve him daily.
  • You must be a member of Bay Area First Baptist Church with at least six months of membership.  
  • Participate in an evaluation.
  • Questions? Email us at  .

tech arts

we have people working in the spotlight and behind the scenes at Bay Area. 

Our Tech Arts volunteers work behind the scenes in various areas including video directors, camera operators and editors, lighting designers and operators, audio engineers and operators, web designing, media developers and operators, graphic design, stage crews, and pre/post production opportunities. If the tech arts ministry is an area that you would be interested in volunteering, please fill out the tech arts volunteer form found in the worship ministry links list.  To find out more, contact us by email at .

student worship

we desire to develop worship leaders that skillfully lead worship in spirit and truth.

Developing highly influential worship leaders not only enriches our local body, but also serves the kingdom of God on earth as we send worship leaders from our body to serve his church around the world. If you are interested in getting involved in student worship, including worship leaders, instrumentalists, audio, video, media and lighting operators, please email us at