Series: Sermon on the Mount

Sermon: The Danger of a Judgmental Heart

Text: Matthew 7:1-6

Gather the family, find a quiet place alone, or connect with a friend or LifeGroup and spend some time talking about the following questions.


  1. Read Matthew 7:1-6. Why do you think this passage has been misunderstood by some people over the years?  Does Jesus really mean that we are not to judge others?


  1. If you were to summarize what Jesus is teaching in your own words, what would you say?


  1. What is the difference in being “discerning” about right and wrong and being “judgmental”?


  1. What do you think the reaction in the crowd was when Jesus used the illustration of the “speck” and the “log”? What does this humorous word picture teach us about the danger of a judgmental heart?


  1. Why is it sometimes easier to see the sin and wrong in others than in our own lives?


  1. How can having a judgmental and condemning heart affect how we treat others?


  1. How can we make sure and remove the “log” in our eye before helping someone else remove the “speck” in theirs?


Take some time to pray together; asking God to reveal the “logs” in your life, and how you can better fight against having a judgmental heart.