Series: The Art of Neighboring

Title: The Power of Sharing

Text: Acts 4:230

Using the “neighborhood map” provided in your worship guide or accessed on our Bay Area Church App, again identify the 8 neighbors in closest proximity to your home. Today we talked about the power of sharing. We naturally share what is significant to us. We said that sharing is a process that looks like this:

Now take a look at your neighborhood map.
How can you invest in your neighbors motivated by genuine love for them? (Make a plan)
How can you invite one or two of your neighbors into your life in a deeper way this month? (Make a plan)
How can you include them in your church in a wise and meaningful way? (Make a plan)
Remember, neighboring isn’t a science or a formula. It is an art. Be lead by the Holy Spirit in all that you do as you care for, pray for, hang out with, and share with your neighbors.