June 10, 2018

Ruth: Under His Wings

A Redeeming Love

Ruth 3 and 4

Gather the family, find a quiet place alone, or get with a friend or spouse and think about the following:

Our actions speak louder than words. We’ve all heard that before, but how have you experienced this in life?  Why do you think this statement is true?  Or do you?  Think and share about a time when someone’s actions helped you truly know the type of person they were. What did their actions reveal about them?


Read Ruth 3.  We see in this passage that Boaz was willing to redeem Ruth. How do his actions and words reveal this to us?  What does he specifically say and do that reveals his willingness?


Read Ruth 4.  In this passage, we see that not only was Boaz willing, but he was also willful in redeeming Ruth.  What does being willful mean to you?  When someone is willful, it means that they are determined and committed to do whatever needs to be done.  How does Boaz show a willfulness in this passage?


As much as we can focus on and learn from Boaz, the greater purpose of this story is to point us to God as our redeemer.  God is willing and willful to redeem us. What are some of the ways the Bible reveals God’s willingness and willfulness? What does God say and do that allows us to see this?


Take some time to think about all the ways God has been willing and willful to redeem us.  Maybe journal and write down what comes to your mind.


Now take some time to pray, thanking God for his wiliness and willfulness to redeem you.


Live today being reminded of God’s love for you and that through Jesus, we can have new life and a new hope because we have been redeemed!