Dear Church,

Thank you for being agile as our executive team and elders make important decisions about our church and school every day in this season. I will say, COVID 19 has presented the most unique leadership challenges I have experienced in ministry. Yet, God is at work in magnificent ways. Many of which I hoped to share with you at the now postponed Bay Area Family Gathering.

In light of the postponing our Bay Area Family Gathering, permit me to share by email some wonderful news regarding the development of our leadership team here at Bay Area Church and Christian School. Attached is a PDF document detailing our recent staff promotions and our new hires. I encourage you to read the attachment thoroughly.

Join me in celebrating Pastor Zac Ashley, Pastor Eric Davis, Candi Cordova, and Dana Duncan as they step into new leadership roles and continue ministry here at Bay Area Church and Christian School.

Join me in welcoming Lauren Kennedy Armstrong, Cameron Dorsey, and Ashton Abbott as new members of our team working with the student ministry, technical arts, and the worship ministry.

In light of Eric Davis’s transition to Adult Ministry Pastor, we will begin searching for a new Kid’s Ministry Pastor immediately and we are developing interim solutions for the season of our search.

I am so thankful to God for each of these people and the calling and gifting of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Clap loud, shout for joy, give them an air high 5, and thank the Lord for His provision of leadership.

You are loved!

Pastor Brian