Happy Thursday Bay Area Church,

This Sunday we will continue our “Awkward” series with a candid conversation about divorce and remarriage. The conversation is awkward because the biblical values and our cultural values oppose one another in ways. It’s also awkward because so many of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, have walked the difficult path of divorce and remarriage.

I will be preaching from Matthew 19:3-11. The text is challenging and understanding the 1st century Jewish backdrop is crucial for making gospel centered applications to our 21st century views on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. I’ll confess on the upfront, I do not have all of the answers. I do think I have some of them though. Come prepared to lean into the tension between Bible and culture and maybe even your own perspectives as it relates to divorce and remarriage. Rest assured, at the heart of the message you will find good news, grace, and hope, which is always the case with our great King Jesus.

I love you each and pray God will speak to you and bless you as we gather this weekend.

All the best!

Pastor Brian