Dear Church,

The Elders for Bay Area church are pleased to inform you that the membership of Bay Area Church confirmed by vote Darrell Whittenberg, Alan Hutchins, and Brent Cockerham yesterday in a special business session. 415 member votes were submitted and 412 of those were in the affirmative. Three votes were negative. Confirmation of an elder requires an 85% approval vote by members. Each candidate greatly surpassed the 85% mark. Thank you for your trust in leadership and your affirmation of these new elders. An ordination service for Darrell, Brent, and Alan will take place Sunday evening, October 7, at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.

Grace and Peace,

Brian Haynes – Elder and Lead Pastor
Mike Pyburn – Elder and Chairman
David Whitman – Elder
Mike Smith – Elder
Ron Holt – Elder