Series: Origins

Title: 6 Days of Creation

Text: Genesis 1:3-2:3

1. In the creation account there are several doctrinal, tier 1 issues  essential to our faith. Based on the sermon and your reading of the Text, list 3-4 tier 1 doctrinal issues. (Tier 1 issues are those things we must believe about God and creation to be Christian)

2. List any tier 2 issues that present themselves in this passage of Scripture. (Tier 2 issues are interpretations that matter but are not primary to our understanding of who God is and why He created)Example: “Age of the Earth.”

3. What is your responsibility as a believer in Jesus related to creation and your conversational and intellectual interaction with people on Tier 2 issues? (“In the essentials UNITY, In non-essentials LIBERTY, in all things CHARITY.”)