Hi Church,

This weekend we will wrap up our “Awkward” series with a conversation about gender and identity based on the Scriptures. Ready yourself to explore the differences between God’s design and the prevailing winds of the culture. We will also talk about how to love people in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces, church, and schools, who wrestle with issues of gender and identity.

Please understand the information presented will not be graphic in any way but should equip families for conversations about a confusing issue in our culture. We live in a day where some secular sources suggest there are between 33 and 112 gender identities. Our main Text will be Genesis 1:26-27. For parents, please be aware that I will use the term “transgender” as I read the summary of an argument for a current Supreme Court case by way of illustration.  I believe children third grade and up should hear this followed by real parental leadership. We will help you with that.  Lean into the tension and expect the love and grace of Christ.

You are loved!

Pastor Brian