Dear Church,

On the first day of January I began a reading plan designed to read the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) word by word over the course of 2018. I am now 4 days into the process and I am touched by the way God is speaking to me. I chose to read the OT intentionally this year for two reasons. First, the OT is the Scripture Jesus used when he taught. In Hebrew the OT is called the TANAKH:

T =Torah – Law
N = Nevi’im – Prophets
K = Ketuvim – Writings

Secondly, the New Testament is a commentary and a fruition of the Old Testament. If you do not understand or know the Hebrew Bible it is very difficult to properly understand the New Testament and Jesus for that matter.

So, let me invite you to read along. You will have to play catch up because I am sending this to you on January 4. I apologize. You are 12 chapters behind in Genesis but you could read them today in one sitting. You will find the reading schedule attached. Jump in with me. You will be glad you did.

There are two huge opportunities for you and your family coming quickly:

Collide Weekend for students is January 12-14. The hard deadline for registration is Sunday. You can register online here.

Parent Summit is an equipping event designed for parents and grandparents with children of all ages. When you attend Parent Summit, you will be inspired, equipped, and empowered to lead your children spiritually. Our theme this year is “Q & A – establishing biblical conversations in the home.” Our guest speaker is Natasha Crain, Christian Apologist and author of the book, “Talking with Your Kids About God.”Whether you have teenagers or younger children, you will benefit greatly from Natasha. For more information and to register for parent summit today, click this link.


Pastor Brian