Dear Church,

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend. I hope you can relax with family and friends and enjoy the holiday. On Sunday, we will continue our series in Exodus called “Out of Bondage into Promise.” Though our study will span Exodus 4-6, our key passage will be Exodus 5:15-16:9. The message from this passage is profound. How can we listen to God when we feel like He has already let us down and our spirits are broken? I can’t wait to gather together Sunday to worship Jesus and answer this important, practical question. Rest from your labor but not from your worship this Labor Day weekend.

We will have an amazing resource available for you this Sunday. The English Standard Version of the Bible developed a series of journals that are just Scripture with note pages. We will have the Exodus journal available for you in the Commons Space outside our Worship Center this Sunday. We could only get 100 of these so first come first serve. The cost is $5. If you like to take notes, this is an incredible tool.

Again, enjoy Labor Day. You are loved.

Pastor Brian