Dear Church,

Our week will climax on Thursday as we celebrate Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. Particularly, Angela and I are thankful for you. Thank you for being a people who love Jesus, embrace the very Words of God, and love people. Thanks for your kindness toward my family and your constant prayers for us. We love you.

This Sunday, November 26, is a big day in the life of our church. Zac Ashley, his wife Christen, and their 3 children will be introduced to you for the first time, face to face. Zac has been recommended by the search committee to our elders as Pastor of Spiritual Formation beginning January 1. Our elders confirmed his call and Zac and Christen have agreed to come pending the affirmation of the church. This Sunday you will here from Zac in both worship hours. You will have the opportunity to officially affirm his call and pray over his family. After the 11:00 worship service there will be a meet and greet opportunity with Zac and Christen in the commons space. Make sure you get by to say hello and welcome the Ashley family to Bay Area Church.

To learn more about Pastor Zac click on this link.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you Sunday!


Pastor Brian