Dear Church,

It’s great to be back! This Sunday I am excited to preach from Matthew 7:12. You may want to read the entire Sermon on the Mount again understanding Matthew 7:12 as our Lord’s summary of the entire sermon. Come expecting to worship God and hear from Him this weekend.

Important Announcement:
We are blessed to make excellent use of our existing space to disciple the next generation by renovating an area just adjacent to the worship center for the Champions Club (designed for special needs children) and now to renovate the unused area in the Student Center for children’s ministry worship space. Completion of the project will provide an excellent space designed to help our children grow in their faith through worship and discipleship. We have already completed the demolition and basic re-construction of this important Children’s ministry space using budget cash. Completion of the project will require approximately $100,000.  We (the stewardship committee, Elders, and leadership team of the staff) recommend and would like you to affirm our use of $100,000 of our debt reserve to cover the balance needed to complete the project. Debt reserve cash is not money given to the Forward Initiative but is budgeted cash we paid ourselves during the construction phase of the new buildings. In our opinion, the expense is affordable due to the fact we have been blessed with the ability to contribute approximately $300k toward principal payments as of July above and beyond our monthly payment, which is greater than anticipated. Currently, we are ahead of schedule in our plan to pay the debt off in 10.5 years. As you know our goal is to remain excellent stewards of God’s provision and to respond to His call to ministry by ensuring we provide the best facilities in which our children can grow in their faith. We believe the proposed expenditures associated with the project is a faithful demonstration of our goal. This Sunday at the end of both worship services we will have a vote of the membership to approve the direction of the leadership.  You will also have a chance to tour the new children’s ministry space in its current form so that you will understand its importance. This is an exciting step in our ability to reach young families and the next generation here in the 4B area.

See you Sunday. I honestly can’t wait!

Pastor Brian