Dear Church,

This Sunday we will start a new series called, “Making Kingdom Choices.” Over the next few weeks we will discover what it means to have a Kingdom mindset as a Christian and how to exercise a kingdom mindset as we make choices with our family, our time, and our money. 

Colossians 3:1-4 will be our passage on May 5. This sermon is introductory and important. Before we can talk about family, time, and money, we must consider our personal mindset. I am challenged as I dig deeply into the Scriptures and wrestle with the tension of living in our world and maintaining a Kingdom mindset valueing Jesus and His Kingdom above all else. The call is to Christ, His Kingdom, and life; away from earthly things and death. This is a narrow path with a greater reward. Gather with us Sunday, expecting to hear from our great God.

Today is National Day of Prayer. We will gather at 6 PM at Hometown Heroes Park in League City to pray with churches, city leaders, and many others from League City. You are invited to come and pray.

Grace and Peace to you!

Pastor Brian