Dear Church,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day. What a gift!

This weekend we will continue our series called, “Making Kingdom Choices” focusing on making kingdom choices regarding money. As I have studied the scriptures in preparation, I find God has so much He wants us to know about the Kingdom of God and money. Our launching pad will be Hebrews 13:5. Whether you perceive you have a lot or a little, or whether you are in a season of plenty or of need, God is the same. Come expecting to hear from Him. Ask God in prayer for a kingdom mindset. 

Our leadership team continues to work on the vision presented at the Bay Area Family Gathering. If you missed the Gathering, watch the video here. To read more check out my article on the “Horizon Story Line” in the Bay Area Magazine. Thank you to all of you who signed up to help with aspects of the vision. Charles Pulliam and team will be in contact soon with more information. If you were unable to sign up but are interested, there will be ample opportunity as the summer winds down to learn more and get involved. Please contend with us in prayer for the saturation of the 4B area with the gospel as we work to restore people, families and churches.

You are loved!

Pastor Brian