Dear Church,
I pray you are walking in the grace and peace of Christ no matter your circumstances. Life can be sweet and it can be bitter but our Lord never changes.
This weekend we will discover the Good Shepherd is better than we imagine as we delve into two parables found in Luke 15:1-10. Particularly, this message will be well suited for any of your friends, neighbors, and family members that are far from God for whatever reason. I encourage you to invite someone in your circle of influence to come and discover the biblical difference between “lost” and “found” and the heart of Jesus that all would be saved. Who knows. God may use your simple invitation to change the course of someone’s eternal life forever. No matter where you are in your journey of faith, this passage will move you as it has moved me this week. Come with ears to hear and eyes to see.
Don’t forget, we are using the New City Catechism as a tool to equip ourselves as disciples of Jesus and to pass down the faith to the next generation. This is an easy way for you to grow personally and for you to disciple your children and grandchildren. There are 52 basic doctrinal questions and answers. That is exactly one question per week for 2019 weekly faith talks at home.
Last Sunday, after worship, our family sat down for a meal together at home. Following lunch, we read and discussed question one. It was a good time together discussing our only hope in life and death. This was a really simple, conversational opportunity to discuss the Scripture as a family. You can download the New City Catechism resources at for free, or purchase the devotional kit in our resource center when you are here on Sunday. You can also check out and subscribe to our blog at The reading schedule is available on our church app under the “resources” tab.
Many blessings as you wrap up the week and look forward to Sunday.
Pastor Brian

Lead Pastor