Dear Church,
Happy New Year! New beginnings like the beginning of a new year,  remind me of the immeasurable grace of God.
Thank you for being a church that values my family, our health, and our longevity in ministry. The last two months, while I was away from you, I experienced God intimately and personally in ways that let me know, no matter our circumstances, we have a loving Father, a Good Shepherd, and a compassionate Lord. Thank you for your prayers for Angela, our family, and me. You have blessed us in this season and we are certainly thankful.
I am excited to begin a new teaching series this Sunday called, “Better than You Imagine.” We will look closely at four parables Jesus taught to illustrate the Kingdom of God. This week we will discover the Father (God) is better than we imagine, as we study Luke 15:11-32. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way for lots of reasons. We will explore that too and find the truth about God’s fatherhood in our lives. This would be an incredible Sunday to invite a friend, family member, or anyone you know that may be far from God for whatever reason. We all need to hear the truth about the love of God.
Angela and I love you and we are excited to be with you again this Sunday. I hope to see your face and hug your neck.
You are loved!
Pastor Brian