Dear Bay Area Family,

You and anyone you want to bring are invited to a very special night of worship this Sunday evening at 5 PM in the worship center. We will have childcare available birth through Kindergarten. We actually want your entire family in the room with us. One reason is your children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to watch you worship. They will hear your voice, see your posture in worship, observe your joy in Christ, and connect with your emotion as you worship Jesus. This authentic demonstration is valuable for the next generation. It will be so worth it.

Our message this Sunday will span Exodus 7-12. What’s the deal with those ten plagues and what is God telling us about our own journey out of bondage into promise? I believe your eyes will be opened and your mind blown as ancient truth collides with your life. Our God is greater!

I can’t wait to be together on Sunday in honor of Jesus.

You are loved,

Pastor Brian