Dear Bay Area Family,

This Sunday we will continue our “Origins” series as I preach a message titled, “Six Days of Creation” from Genesis 1:3-2:3. As you may know, for many, some serious questions emerge when we begin to talk about Creation. We will explore tier 1 doctrinal essentials we must agree on in order to maintain a biblical worldview. We will also take a peek at tier 2 issues that come up like, “How old is the earth?” and “Are those days of creation literal days?” While this will make for some lively LifeGroup discussions next week, I am certain you will find your faith in God deepens as we learn together. Invite people. Your neighbors and co-workers have these questions.

Prayer cards for Collide –  we will be distributing prayer cards so that you can pray for students and host homes leading up to and during Collide weekend, January 17-19. Collide is a discipleship weekend for teenagers partnering 7 local churches in the 4B area. We are praying for the student generation. May they abide in Christ and bear much fruit. You can pick up a prayer card in the lobby this Sunday. There is power in prayer. It matters!

I can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday. Remember, if you attend the 9:30 worship service but could attend at 11:00, please attend the 11:00 service. This will help us with seating and give us the maximum ability to reach people at 9:30 and 11:00 each week. Thanks so much. You are loved.

Pastor Brian