Series: Habits: 5 Habits that Will Change Your Life
Title: Restoring Peace in Relationships

Text: Romans 12:16-21

Gather the family, find a quiet place alone, or connect with a friend or your LifeGroup and read Romans 12:16-21. We are discussing the habit of “Restoring Peace in Relationships.”
1.  After reading the passage of Scripture, describe how we are supposed to live in relationships with all kinds of people?
2.  When you think about your relationships, are there any that have present conflict or brokenness?
3.  List 6 ways the writer of Romans admonishes us to live in order to restore peace or keep peace in all of our relationships.
4.  How do you need to approach the person/people in your life with whom you have conflict?  Make a plan and do everything that is within your power to live peaceably with others.