Series: Sermon on the Mount
Sermon: The Truth About the Choice We Have
Text: Matthew 7:13-27
Faith talk is a time for you to talk with God and others if possible about the scripture we preached in Sunday worship services this week. So pull up a chair and spend some time with God. Gather your family intentionally for a few minutes of together time in the scriptures or connect with your spouse, a friend, or your Life Group. Read Matthew 7:13-27 particularly focusing on Matthew 7:13-14. Jesus tells all who are in the hearing of his sermon that there are really only two paths for those who hear the words of God.
1.  Describe the narrow way as the Text describes it.
2.  Describe the wide path as Jesus describes it.
3. How can you know which path you are on? (See Matthew 7:21-23, and Matthew 7:24-27)