Dear Bay Area Family,

I am excited to gather on Sunday to worship. We need to be in the presence of God together often. In fact, that is just what the message this Sunday is all about. We will continue our series in Exodus as we think about our relationship with God. We will focus on Exodus 25:1-8 and discuss the tabernacle and God’s plan to be with His people and for them to worship Him. We will learn an important freedom principle about the relationship we have with our Covenant God who shows us steadfast love.

Ladies, don’t forget to register for and attend the women’s event coming up October 7th called “Liberating Loneliness.” I am so excited about the panel of women from Bay Area Church who will share their stories and provide gospel insights for finding freedom from loneliness. Invite your friends and family. You can register at this link.

May God grant you much peace. See you Sunday.

Pastor Brian