Happy Friday Everyone!

Pastor Brian asked me to pass along a couple of things to you all regarding this weekend.

Collide begins tonight and we have 190 students signed up across the area to attend! Amazing, right!?! The Bay Area Church students will be attending the 9:30am service on Sunday, so the room will be full. If you usually attend the 9:30am service, it will be very helpful to us if you instead attend the 11am service for this Sunday only. We appreciate your help with this! Below is the Collide daily prayer guide. Please join us in praying for the students and the leaders this weekend as God moves in the lives of all involved.

Also, we have Parent Summit coming up on February 3. Join us as Natasha Crain teaches us how to talk to our kids about God and answer the questions that they have about God. You can register at bayarea.church/parentsummit.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Sunday!!

Katy Buckaloo