**In consideration of public health concerns and to make the most responsible decisions, we will be postponing Home Life Conference until the fall. Please stay tuned for further information regarding this event.

March 20 – 21, 2020

Hosted by Bay Area Church
4800 W. Main St.
League City, TX 77573

What is 

Home Life?

Home Life Conference is all about getting to know the whys, the whos, and the hows that make up our lives when we’re home. It’s supposed to be where we thrive, but often times we don’t feel as “at home” as we would like. Join us in discovering some ideas for managing our time in an effort to create a better Home Life.

Conference Speakers

Richard Ross

Author and Pastor

Richard Ross is husband to LaJuana, who has joined him in a lifetime of loving teenagers. They are parents of Clayton. Richard served as youth minister for thirty years and now is a volunteer with teenagers and parents at Wedgwood Baptist in Fort Worth. Richard is professor to the next generation of youth ministers at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth. Since its inception, Richard has served as the spokesperson for the international True Love Waits movement.

Shannon Warden

Author, Speaker, Counselor

Like you, I have many roles. In my personal life, I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, church member, and volunteer. In my professional life, I am an author and speaker, a counselor educator, and Director of Counseling and Director of Women’s Ministries at Triad Baptist Church. I also am the owner of Repurposed Life Ministries, Inc. It’s a lot. But, I have a lot of support, enjoy what I do, and believe fully that I’m doing what God has called me to do.

Brian Haynes

Lead Pastor, Bay Area Church

I am just Brian following Jesus. Like everyone else, I’m broken and thirsty. I need a Savior who can help my brokenness and a Master who offers my parched soul living water. I follow Jesus and see myself as one of his many disciples. I serve Jesus as Lead Pastor of Bay Area Church in League City, Texas. I’m married to Angela and we have three daughters. I’m a graduate of Baylor University, Southwestern Seminary, and Liberty Theological Seminary where I earned a Doctor of Ministry for my work in discipleship and family ministry. All I really want to do is make disciples.

Conference Schedule

Friday, March 20th

6:00p Check-In
6:30p Welcome
6:35p Dinner
7:00p Main Session 1: Shannon Warden


Saturday, March 21st

8:30a Check-In / Legacy Resource Center Opens
9:00a Welcome
9:10a Main Session 2: Shannon Warden
10:05a Break
10:15a Breakout Session 1
11:15a Break
11:30a Breakout Session 2
12:30p Lunch and Panel Discussion
1:30p Main Session 3: Richard Ross
2:30p Dismissed
3:00p Legacy Resource Center Closes


Sunday, March 22nd

9:30a Main Session 4: Richard Ross
11:00a Main Session 4: Richard Ross


Breakout Sessions

Session 1 Options

Legacy Milestones 1-3

You most likely already know that your children are a gift from God, but sometimes we need reminders. Our children bring so much joy and excitement, but at the same time we experience discouragement, frustration, feelings of inadequacies, worry and fear. The responsibility of being a parent is huge and we carry the weight of this, but sometimes it feels like we can barely keep our heads above water, let alone be intentional to grow as parents as we set our children on the path that God has for them. Be encouraged. God has entrusted each one of your children to you and He wants you in full dependency on him as you walk with them through the Milestones of life. He is their Creator and is the one who can continue to guide you through the early Milestones of their lives.

Discipline for Transformation

Did you know that the way we deal (or don’t deal) with our children’s misbehavior shapes their beliefs about themselves, the world, and God? Therefore, it’s vital to connect with their hearts–not just their minds–amid the daily behavior battles. Discipline is more than just a short-term attempt to modify your child’s actions, it’s a long-term investment to help them build faith, wisdom, and character for life.

Adoption / Foster Care

The gospel of Jesus Christ-the good news that through Jesus we have been adopted as sons and daughters into God’s family-means that Christians ought to be at the forefront of the adoption and foster care of orphans in North America and around the world. Learn more about how to get started as well connect with other families that have walked this incredible path.

Relentless Parenting

Many parents feel frustration and a real disconnect with their teens. Brian and Angela understand those feelings and provide great insight into loving and leading teens. While it may be tempting to step aside from parenting and avoid conflict, they encourage parents to do the hard things. The ultimate goal is to pass on a legacy of faith in God and strengthen the family relationship. They combine practical guidance and solid biblical truth to help parents who are navigating a challenging season of parenting. They offer hope and encouragement through outstanding advice laced with great personal stories. This session engages the hearts of parents by providing ideas for how they can stay connected to their teens. 

Session 2 Options

Legacy Milestones 4-6

Milestones 4-6 serves as the markers of progression on the spiritual formation journey that your teenage is now on. Taking time to celebrate these Milestones is the easy part, the path that you will walk with your teenager is the difficult part. Join the journey as we look to unpack to roles of both the church and the home through these pivotal times in your teenager’s life.

Help! We've Got Anger Issues
Practicing the Painful, Purposeful Process of Forgiveness

Anger is a quiet and not-so-quiet “tenant” that takes up residency in our homes, and many of us are trying to find healthy ways to evict this unwanted guest. In this session, we will cover a few marriage and parenting scenarios in which anger is a common problem. We will offer practical tools for doing a major home life renovation to help you see your problem in a new light and address it with new coping skills. And, spoiler alert… forgiveness is one of those coping skills but with a different spin than you might imagine.

Who's Driving?
Helping Kids Reach Their Full Potential

Effective parenting increases the likelihood of a child reaching their full potential. Parents want their children to increase in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man as they pursue goals. The investment of time, talent, and resources will help a child to remain upright and stable as they follow their aspirations. Who’s Driving is a practical exploration of how to help your children reach their full potential. 

Creating an Empowering Home

Jesus took twelve ordinary men, invested in them for three years, and then left them to go and change the world… and that is just what they did! Come take a practical look at how Jesus, through a balance of invitation and challenge, created a dynamic culture the empowered others to live as disciples who change the world.

Primary Faith Trainer
Inspiring Parents in Their Role

You are the spiritual leaders in your home. Every one of your kids will walk a path in life with many opportunities to turn one direction or another. They travel down a trail they’ve never been on before. As a parent, you have the unique opportunity and God- given responsibility to guide them and capture those moments. The journey is hard, but the result is worth the tears, time and prayers.

Pricing & Registration

Home Life Conference will continue over 3 days of speaking and breakout sessions.
All activities will be held at Bay Area Church–contact & address information below.

*Childcare registration will close on Sunday, March 15th @midnight.
**Adult registration will close on Thursday, March 19th @ midnight.

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