Praying Together Resources

During the month of January, we as a church are taking time to learn about, lean into, and live out the spiritual practices of prayer and fasting together.


We recognize that our dependency on God is essential to experiencing the fullness of God in our lives and seeing our vision of saturation come to be. Here are some ways you can be part of this effort.
Beginning Sunday, January 8th , Bay Area Church will be joining together with churches all across the Houston Area in a sermon series and effort called, “Praying Together.” Join us each week as we look at different examples of the power of prayer and fasting through the Bible.
Join us for Prayer Nights each Wednesday beginning January 4 th from 6:30-8:00pm in The Worship Center.
Accept the challenge to intentionally focus time in prayer and fasting personally and as a family.Below are some resources to help and encourage you as you pray and fast this month.
Resources for Prayer and Fasting:


Books: These can be purchased in the lobby on Sunday or click below to
purchase on-line.