In addition to five days of worship, teaching, and Bible study, Student Life Rec Camp will gets students messy, wet, and all kinds of dirty with team-building activities designed to bind groups together, so they go home as a family. 

This year’s camp theme is “Three in One: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” When the universe was created, God looked out over all of his creation. It was only after He made us that He said His creation was very good. Made in the image of God, we are His children. When sin came into the world, we strayed from God. He chased after us, determined for us to once again belong to the family that He made. When Jesus died on the cross, something earth-shattering happened. Not only did He take on the weight of the world’s sin, but the presence of God came to dwell among us as well. Jesus is fully God, and everything that Jesus did reveals more about the character of God. Jesus is the embodiment of God chasing after us as we run from Him. The Holy Spirit is one of God’s many kindnesses to us. While we wait for God to return and create His perfect kingdom, we have access to God through His Word and His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is present and with us as we study God’s Word and seek to discern how to live our lives. The Holy Spirit is with us every second of every day. 

This trip is available to all students who are currently in or recently completed 6th – 12th grades.

Space is limited to 65 students. In order to secure your spot, you must complete ALL of the following: 

Register online and pay a $100.00 deposit or full amount (below) 

Fill out and submit online a Student Life Waiver & Release Form  

(this can be found at, when prompted enter the Reg ID 81907) 

Fill out and return a current Bay Area Church medical release form, if not already on file