Dear Bay Area Family,

I hope your Friday is going well. We are enjoying having our older daughters home from Texas A&M this weekend. Family is a gift for which I am very grateful. 
This Sunday we will finish our God on Race series. The final message is crucial as we explore how Jesus himself taught and lived in a racially divided land. I look forward to exploring this together from Luke 9:51-56 and John 4.

We have an incredible right as Americans to vote for our national, state, and local leadership. Every citizen has a voice. I encourage you to pray diligently, consider the Scriptures and platforms, and cast your vote this election season. Let us all pray together for our nation at this juncture.

Mark you calendar and attend the Bay Area Family Gathering – October 25 at 5 PM. At this important gathering of our Bay Area Family, we will be hearing from our advisory council leaders who have been working diligently on our future initiatives to restore people, families, and churches in our region. We will be discussing our next steps and our hopes for 2021 in light of these initiatives. We will bring you up to speed on the finances of the church as we continue trudging through this COVID-19 season. Finally, we will again introduce two elder candidates who have been in training more than a year and ask you to vote to ordain them as elders of Bay Area Church. These are Chad Strange and Kjell Lindgren.

We are looking forward to our worship gatherings and Lifegroups this Sunday. I can’t wait to see you.

You are loved!

Pastor Brian