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Talking to neighbors you may not know well is expected on Halloween. With so many kids (and adults!) wearing costumes, starting a conversation has never been easier!

 “Aw, that costume is awesome!” 


“Whoa…ok. I give up. What IS your costume?” 

Throughout the night, people naturally talk about the costumes others are wearing. Asking about someone’s costume isn’t out of place – most folks are hoping you comment on how cool or unique their costume is.


On Halloween, everyone has something in common to talk about. With buckets fUll of candy, people everywhere, and young and old alike wearing costumes, most people are in a playful, positive, and open mood. This makes the starting a conversation part of things easier.

Ask an initial question about someone’s costume and you’ll find it’s easier and more natural to start a conversation than you could have imagined. Look for opportunities to lead into a gospel conversation. On Halloween, a gospel conversation may go in a bunch of directions:

  • You may have an opportunity to share the full gospel message
  • You may discover a neighbor doesn’t have a church home and be able to invite them to Bay Area
  • You may only be able to establish an initial friendship and just begin to introduce aspects of the gospel

Listen well to the individual you’re talking to and trust the Holy Spirit’s leading as you talk with folks. Try to stray away from overly-rehearsing what you will say or creating pre-planned material.

Remember, you’re working at moving through a conversation in the moment, not at performing a script you planned in advance. In most cases, pre-planning what you’re going to say only makes you more nervous and you end up sounding awkward and uninviting. Be natural, be interested in their story, and be intentional as a representative of Christ.

Here are some actions you can take on Halloween to help foster conversations:

       Staying In?

       Going Out?

  • Put up fun fall decor

  • Make a game for the kids to play and win candy

  • Cook free hotdogs

  • Invite a neighbor to walk with you
  • Make connections with people you visit for candy



  ASK - Starting a Conversation

  • Ask something like, “Why do you think people like to dress up for Halloween?” Follow up with a question that helps you uncover the heart a little more – “Why do you think people enjoy being able to dress up and pretend they’re someone different?”
  • Your goal is to get them to begin thinking about why people enjoy pretending to be someone else. People love talking about themselves! By asking why they think others like to pretend, you’ll find the other person is much more willing to open up and share their thoughts.
  • When you ask a question, make sure you’re ready to listen! If you aren’t actually interested in someone’s answer, then don’t ask the question.
  • If you’re not comfortable asking one of our sample questions, that’s ok! Just ask something that feels natural to you and that provides an opportunity to move deeper into a gospel conversation.

 ADMIRE - Building a Bridge

  • Admiring is all about listening and building a bridge to another person. After you’ve asked your question, find something you can admire about the other person’s response. You may want to say something like, “Hey I think that makes a lot of sense. I really like what you said about…” or, “That’s what I was thinking, too. Great minds think alike!”
  • Be careful not to affirm things that are untrue. Even if someone gives an answer that is silly or patently wrong, you can still find something to affirm. For a silly answer, you could admire how they are able to keep things light-hearted (“I love your sense of humor about this!”). If they say a bunch of things that you can’t biblically agree with, simply admire their openness: “I really appreciate how honest and open you are about this! It’s hard to find someone so willing to share and listen to other people’s opinions.” 

 ADMIT - Bringing in the Gospel

  • Begin to admit the truth about God after you’ve listened well and admired the other person’s answers. For the sample Halloween question of why people like dressing up and pretending to be someone else, people are likely to respond that they love that character or would love to have the superpowers that a superhero has. You’ll want to admire their response and then move to admit the truth.
  • Costumes and pretending to be someone else reveal this truth: deep down, we all know that there is something missing in our lives. We idolize athletes, movie stars, superheroes, and other successful people because they seem to have something that we don’t. As believers, we know our longing for something more is actually an indicator of our need for relationship with God.
  • As you begin the admit part of your conversation, drive this truth home: “I think we all like to pretend to be someone else because deep down, we all have a sense that there is something missing or insufficient in us. I think that sense of longing is actually evidence that God created us to be with Him, and without Him in our lives, we’ll never be who we were made to be.”
  • The other person may need to leave, but you’ve planted an important gospel seed. If the Holy Spirit allows, you may be able to share the entire gospel story. For a refresher, check out the GOSPEL acronym below!

The Gospel

Sharing the gospel with someone is like taking them on a journey through the story of the Bible. This journey can be explained in a six-letter acrostic that spells out the word GOSPEL.



Still unsure? Check out the app by Dare 2 Share created specifically for helping you make conversation leading to the Gospel.


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