Our goal as a worship ministry

is to “value the presence of God above all else and to develop highly influential worship leaders.”

statement of vision

We see the platform as a place to influence people to encounter God rather than a stage on which to perform. Performance to glorify God is a valuable expression of worship to inspire people with powerful truths and revelations of God in a way they may not be able to express for themselves. In our corporate worship settings, we desire to influence people to connect with God and express their own worship to him in a biblical manner that edifies the church. We are committed to valuing the presence of God before any other value in worship and to placing anointed worship leaders before the church to lead worship. Our heart as a church is to “make disciples, equip families and serve the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.” This vision is only possible to live out as we encounter God and allow him to fill us with everything we need through the Holy Spirit.

platform ministry

The Platform Ministry serves in the capacity of leading the congregation in worship. In order to find out more about our worship ministry and how to get involved, click here.

tech arts

We have people working in the spotlight, and behind the scenes at Bay Area.

Our Tech Arts volunteers work behind the scenes in various areas including video directors, camera operators and editors, lighting designers and operators, audio engineers and operators, web designing, media developers and operators, graphic design, stage crews, and pre/post production opportunities. 



We gather as a student ministry to experience the power and presence of God together in worship.

We value student leadership in this ministry and the process of developing young, highly influential worship leaders. This not only enriches our local body, but also serves the kingdom of God on earth as we send worship leaders from our body to serve around the world. There are many ways to serve in student worship, including leading worship through singing or playing an instrument, as well as helping our tech team with video, media, or lights. 

For more information please email Krystal.Wade@bayarea.church