Our Kids Ministry partners with parents to guide children as they grow in their faith in God, using intentional and engaging Gospel-centered Bible curriculum and a whole lot of FUN.


 Your child’s safety is of the utmost concern to us and we take great care to make sure our children’s venues are as safe and secure as possible. Anytime Preschool or Elementary ministry is offered, you will be asked to check-in and check-out your child using our system. With this in mind, please follow these three steps for all children, birth through 5th grade: 

Go to a Check-in Area

Check-in any child at any one of our convenient check-in computers found in the A, C, and H buildings, and the Kids Theater.

Print Your Child’s Nametag

You will enter your phone number and receive a nametag for each child that is to be placed prominently on your child’s clothing. Access to the KidMin areas will not be allowed without a nametag.

Receive Your Parent Pick-Up Tag

In addition to your child’s nametag, you will be given a printed receipt to use for child pick-up that bears a randomized three-digit numeric code. This same code will also appear on your child’s nametag. You will show the tag as you enter the KidMin areas and also to the leader when you pick-up your child.


Our K-5th graders will have an awesome time learning Gospel-centered truth, participating in age-appropriate, dynamic worship gatherings, and growing in their faith while building friendships through small groups.  


Our Preschool environment provides an engaging and warm space for kids birth through Pre-K. Bible stories, crafts, activities, and music are used to show preschoolers the love of God and begin building a foundation of Biblical truth. 

 Champions Club

Our Champions Club is a dedicated space for special needs kids and their families, where God’s truths are taught in a developmentally appropriate way to foster spiritual, physical, and emotional growth, while also having fun!


We partner with parents as they raise their kids for Christ, while helping kids learn about who God created them to be. You will find a safe, clean, nurturing environment for kids (5, not in K)


In our K – 5th grade elementary environment we want kids to experience safe, age-appropriate learning where they can discover who God is and what His story is all about.

special needs

Champions Club is a special needs ministry, specialized in ministering to and designing developmental areas for kids,  with special needs. We have programming that meets the developmental needs of individuals with special needs in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY. *please email kidmin@bayarea.church for more information.