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Brian Haynes - January 27, 2019

Forgiveness is Better Than You Imagine

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Faith talk for Revelation 2:8-11

Series: Revelation - A Message to the Churches Title: To the Church at Smyrna Text: Revelation 2:8-11 Faith talk for Revelation 2:8-11 1. Why do you think Jesus introduces himself to the church at Smyrna as “the one who died and came to life?” 2. What kind of...

Faith Talk: 1/9/22

Series: Revelation - A message to the churches Title: Apokalypsis Text: Revelation 1:1-20 1. What is an Apokalypsis? Why does this make Revelation a message to understand verses a code to be cracked? 2. Based on Revelation 1:1-20 what do you learn about Jesus? 3. What...