Common Needs Ministry


The Common Needs Ministry exists to provide financial assistance to those living in the 4B area who are experiencing a season of financial hardship.  We believe that all assistance is best given within the context of a relationship. Therefore by seeking financial assistance you are committing to a spiritual partnership with our Common Needs team. We are always willing to explore the best way to help and will work alongside you to provide effective assistance. With that said, we will not financially assist you more than once if you are not attending our church on a regular basis.

You will receive a call within five business days of your request being submitted to discuss your Common Needs Request Form or to schedule an appointment. Click on the link below to access the form.


All bills and documents must be submitted.

  • Bay Area Church must have a copy of your original bill(s) in order to assist you. Be prepared to email.
  • The Common Needs representative will not make a decision about financial assistance during your initial encounter. Your request will be reviewed by the Common Needs team to determine assistance and then you will be contacted.
  • Assistance checks are made on Thursdays only and are mailed directly to vendors (landlord, utilities, etc.).

If you do not live in the 4B area, which is from the Beltway to the Beach and Brazoria County to the Bay, please see the link below for Helpful Resources.