Saturating the 4B Area with the Gospel by restoring people, families, and churches.

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Ministry for the whole family every Sunday and throughout the week.

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Brian Haynes - May 5, 2019

Making Kingdom Choices

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Faith Talk for March 7, 2021

Series: Learning to Lament Title: Lamenting False Prophecy Text: Lamentations 4:1-13 1. As you read Lamentations 4, what people were exempt from the wrath of God as he gave ā€œfull ventā€ against Judah? 2. What are the sins of the prophets and priests mentioned in...

Lifegroup Guide for March 7, 2021

SERIES: Learning to Lament        Week #4: Lamenting False Prophecy   Lamentations 4:1-13  MESSAGE PREVIEW:  Just when you think our study could not get any tougher, we come to Lamentations 4. Reading through this...

It is the sincere desire of Bay Area Church to offer every person and every home the opportunity to experience restoration that only comes in knowing Jesus.